Engineering Context

Photonics has been recognised as a key priority in Europe with an industry capitalisation of some 60 billion euros, comprising some 5000 companies, and some 1000-2000 research labs and groups distributed across 500 universities, collectively employing 290,000 people. Within this landscape, quantum photonics and quantum information technologies have been a fast-moving feature for the past 10-15 years, with European groups consistently at the forefront of global research efforts. Much of the pioneering work, in both theory and experiment, has been performed in Europe, and a clear roadmap has been developed for future developments (

The WASPS project is aimed specifically at developing single photon source technology that will operate effectively in non-laboratory environments and will provide the specifications needed for commercially useful quantum information technologies. Targeted device parameters include:

  • A single photon source with an emission rate > 1 GHz
  • A source of indistinguishable photons operating at ambient temperatures
  • An efficient interface between light photons and electronic spins

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